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Olympiacos to foster this year’s UNICEF Awards!

Olympiacos to foster this year’s UNICEF Awards!

Our Club was present this year also in the context of Universal Children’s Rights Day! 

Olympiacos continues to support UNICEF, in pursuit of what’s good for children in Greece and abroad. A strong partnership that started in 2013, by means of which the Legend of Greek football provides substantial support to UNICEF’s efforts to both vaccinate hundreds of thousands of children in Greece and abroad, and to train thousands of health professional and to reduce deaths of newborn children from preventable diseases.

UNICEF Awards annual event took place Tuesday noon, at 12.00, in the “Stoa tou Vivliou”, in downtown Athens; an event, on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Rights Day, that give voice to children in order to present through their drawings, poems and songs the way they perceive their rights and their future dreams!

In the event, attended by our team’s player Pape Abou Cisse, in the company of Olympiacos FC Head of Partnership with UNICEF Mrs Verouska Georganti, awards were conferred to schools that excelled in UNICEF’s respective training program on the Rights of Children.

This was the 5th consecutive year of the Legend’s attending this event. Cisse gave autographs and had his picture taken many times with awarded children; the event, as always, was quite emotional, since it incorporated a single message: children’s future is our hands! And Olympiacos has something, certainly, to do about this great task. Following an initiative by Mr Marinakis, Olympiacos partnership with UNICEF remains so that even more kids may have a brighter future!

Olympiacos star player Pape Abou Cisse expressed his excitement for being part of this great day at the “Stoa tou Vivliou”: It was quite special an event for me, since I love children so much and I feel really honored to have represented the Olympiacos family in this year’s UNICEF Awards! Today, we met many talented kids with whom we shared their lovely drawings, songs and poems for the Universal Children’s Rights Day. These kids’ honesty is always disarming and the dreams they make for a better future stand for a loud message we all have to listen to. Over the past years, Olympiacos and UNICEF have developed a very powerful partnership and, jointly, have managed to stand by hundreds of thousands of children in need, across the world. We are all really proud of this effort and determined to continue saving children’s lives and providing them with a true opportunity in life!

For her part, Olympiacos FC Head of Partnership with UNICEF Mrs Verouska Georganti pinpointed: “It is with great pleasure that we attend UNICEF Awards every year! It is really special, nice and hopeful to listen to young kids describing their dreams about the future; both theirs and that of all children in the world! We all have to listen to them carefully and stand next to them providing them with safety, love and all those supplies they need to fulfil their objectives! Olympiacos FC, following encouragement by Mr Marinakis, have been standing next to UNICEF since το 2013; we actively supported UNICEF’s “100% Campaign” to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of children in Greece and abroad, and to train thousands of health professionals. Starting this year, the Club will also foster UNICEF’s massive campaign to help reduce neonatal deaths from preventable diseases and make sure that every kid will receive necessary nutrition and medical care in order to grow and develop during its early life stages. The entire Olympiacos family will continue doing its best for a better future for all children of this world!

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