O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Press Inference of Mr Lemonis

Press Inference of Mr Lemonis

Read below quotes of our side’s manager, after the end of the Juventus match.

Was that Olympiacos best performance in this group: “I will have to watch it again; I think it was a good match all things considered, taking into account the level of difficulty there is when playing against a team that has already qualified and came here to secure that with another 3-pointer. I think it was a fairly good match from Olympiacos side.”

Did you deserve something more: “The outcome could have been different; we had our share of chances to score goals. Unfortunately, we didn’t but our efforts paid in general were good. We are not satisfied because we didn’t deserve this 0-2 defeat, but on the other hand, I have but to express my satisfaction for all the effort by almost all players”.

Will certain players leave the club: “It is too early to say anything. Indeed, once the match was over, our main concern was to check our players. Honestly, original thought about Odjidja was for him to play 45 minutes but he finally played a bit more. My mind is set on the match with Panaitolikos”.

Can Juventus make it as far as the final?: “I watched Juventus recent match against Napoli and we all know the kind of great team they have in Napoli. So, they went to Sao Palo and earned an immense win. This is Juventus; One can never say that they are not amongst those 5-6 sides to claim their qualification to the final. It’s a team that has been working together for many years, under the same coach and with the same players”.

What will you keep out of this year’s group stage fixtures:I think it will be huge mistake not to keep both positive and negative staff. As we reach the end of this process, we have to assess our performance, and there have certainly been many positive, as well as negative things. They will be helpful in designing future actions for the coming years”.

Is it possible to expect the side to go the extra mile in Europe and the rest of the championship campaign: “In football, nothing is impossible. Certainly, we had a bad start in the premiere, but in our match in Turin we had the opportunity to claim something much better. This could have changed things without leaving aside the level of difficulty when playing against such teams.

Αs per the championship, there is an interesting struggle going on who will top the table. After finishing with our UEFA Champions League spell, we will fully focus on the Greek championship; I believe that, given we will have more time at our disposal, we will work even more. I believe that in the end we will make it”

We are all optimistic about the outcome of the championship challenge and we have something that others do not. The sole and the heart of a champion. Ending, I would like to say something: my deepest condolences to the family of Kostas Motsis”.

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