O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
The power of Olympiacos, the power of deeds!

The power of Olympiacos, the power of deeds!

The Mandra Municipal Cinema surrounding wall was delivered today; for the 33rd consecutive day Olympiacos was there to clean mud off the area!

Olympiacos, the biggest club of our country, knows how to offer things and not stick to words. This was proven since day one after those destructive floods that hit, one month ago, the area of Mandra, Attica.

The leader of Olympiacos Mr Evangelos Marinakis was very quick to respond! “Go on the spot, talk to the people, the Mayor and local residents. Check what they want and cater for them without hesitation”, was his words. “For as long as it takes”, he then added, no less than 33 days ago! Since then, Olympiacos was there day in day out! Always present, Olympiacos is there to contribute in any way so that the entire area is back to normality as soon as possible.

Casualties shook us all. Loss of properties turned the life of those who escaped into a nightmare, into a relentless struggle to survive. Yet, they were not alone in this fight, since they had a great ally, OLYMPIACOS! The people of the “red-and-white” family arrive there on day 1 to take action; and they keep on going to date. So they will do for as long as it takes.

Wednesday afternoon, the new Mandra Municipal Cinema surrounding wall made of reinforced concrete that collapsed during floods, was completed and delivered to the Mandra-Idillias Municipality vice Mayor, Mr Periklis Rokas. This is a project inspiring new life into local residents since they can now see there is NOTHING that the biggest club in Greece cannot do for them!

Satisfied by the work progress and thankful to Olympiacos for the club’s never-ending offering, Mr Periklis Rokas said in particular: “We would like to thank Mr Evangelos Marinakis because for the past 33 days, he was there with us. A big thank you!” for his part, Karaiskakis SA President and CEO Mr Vassilis Vassiliadis added what was self-evident. The will, namely, of Mr Evangelos Marinakis: “We will be here for as long Mandras Municipality and people need us”, he stressed!

At the same time, earth-moving machinery, put into service by the Legend of Greek football for Mandras Municipality and its people, kept removing mud and debris for home yards, squares and roads. Trucks and lorries have been transferring mud from the town to the quarry used as a landfill.

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