O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Pre match Press Conference vs Viktoria Plen

Pre match Press Conference vs Viktoria Plen

Head coach Mr Pedro Martins and Guilherme at the pre-match press conference one day ahead of our match against Viktoria.

Words of Pedro Martins:

What’s the state of readiness of the squad with respect to your vision for it?

“We are OK following 4 weeks of hard and intensive work. The players are motivated and look forward to this tie. We have spent both last weeks working on these matches. Sadly, we don’t have all our players available, however we are ready to face a tough opponent and get the result we want”.

OLYMPIACOS, in friendly matches, demonstrated a certain philosophy on the pitch. Do you still have questions marks regarding your line-yup given the strengths of the Czech outfit?

“There is no away I disclose our starting lineup; those of you who know me are already aware of the fact that I don’t change much in terms of our philosophy and the way we deal with matches.

Over the past weeks, we have studied and worked on the playing style we want to display on the pitch. It will certainly be adapted to our opponent, a top side in the Czech league, like us in the Greek one. It will be a quality match, I won’t disclose my selections for the lineup, however you do know, like last year that we don’t change much”.

Is it a drawback for OLYMPIACOS that the side has had no official fixtures compared to Plzen; what elements should the team display on the pitch against the Czech outfit?

“Certainly, it is good for all clubs to have some official matches under their belt already. We are not, however, looking for excuses, we know the kind of team we are playing against and the strategy we will follow. Along with us will be some 500 fans who made the trip to watch our side playing. Both teams are offensive-minded, it will be a good match and we are ready to deliver in both fixtures and qualify”.

Is it a bet for you to bring the club back to the UEFA Champions League group stage:

“No doubt, ΟLYMPIACOS must return to the group stage. This is an objective that we all want and give all we got to attain. This is where top clubs perform, one of which is OLYMPIACOS and the club must return there. It is important for us, for the club, our fans, Greece; it is what we always strive to achieve. There are plenty of reasons we have in our mind for which we will give our all to bring OLYMPIACOS back where it should be.

Moreover, we need this qualification for the sake of Greece, in order to collect points and improve the country’s UEFA ranking position. This is a major goal that we shall try to attain. It is also important to qualify for the club’s finances. So, we will give our 100% to return back to the Champions League group stage”.

Fortounis will be missing. Is your strategy to change as well?

“Everybody knows how important Fortounis is for the squad, but for the coming six months he won’t be with us. We have many players to step in his shoes and position, one of whom is Valbuena; it might also be Bruno. Wait for tomorrow to see what solution we will opt for”.

Words of Guilherme:

What’s the state of readiness of OLYMPIACOS and is it a drawback that Plzen has already played two official matches?

“We are well prepared and ready for tomorrow’s fixture. We believe in our capabilities, we want to score a goal and earn a good result. We know how critical this match is and we are ready to deliver».

What elements should OLYMPIACOS display to earn a positive result?

“We have trained on all things and covered all eventualities; we are here to play a good match, I have no doubt we will perform well and get the positive result we want“.

Will you play also for Fortounis who is injured?

“OF course, we will. We all know how important he is; we shall play for him as well and we know his thoughts will be with us. We know what a great players he is, his quality and we will surely miss him; however, we shall all play to cover his absence and earn the result we want”.

Is it a problem for OLYMPIACOS that you have played no official matches compared to Viktoria Plzen:

“We cannot use that as an excuse; more or less, all teams are at the onset of their campaigns. We know how critical this match is; in fact, this is a pair of matches in which we must give all we got to qualify. We will try and show how hard we worked in preseason and I think that this fact will not affect us”.

Is it an additional incentive for you that you will play in this year’s edition of the UEFA Champions League and not in the Europa League?

“It is the top European competition and all players want to play there. I will do everything, just like my teammates, for OLYMPIACOS to qualify”.

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