O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Words of Pedro Martins and Masouras

Words of Pedro Martins and Masouras

Read below words of Pedro Martiins and Giorgos Masouras following our side’s victory in Turkey over Basaksehir.

Words by Pedro Martins:

You are now ranking third in the list of Olympiacos coaches with most victories in Europe. Eight, in total! What does this mean to you and the team?

“This is the kind of statistics that demonstrate winning is good. It’s still too early and we have a long way to go if we consider where we want to arrive. We still have 90 minutes more to play against a quality team that stands out domestically, a title contender in Turkey. If we want to make it to the next stage, we have to be more consistent and display quality on the pitch. Nothing has been decided yet».

How much different was Olympiacos compared to the previous match? Would you like to comment on the Turks complaints for the referee’s performance?

“With regard to the second question of yours, I’d like not to answer. As per your first one, we have improved, it’s been 15 days in-between and the team was better. Generally speaking, we made an imposing start and maintained ball possession in the opening 10-15 minutes and gave our opponent a hard time. We played smart. However, we lost control after and that was how the first half ended. After the break, we also made a powerful start and scored the goal. In the last 10 minutes of the match, although we had ball possession, we should have displayed better and we didn’t. Many individual mistakes were made, we lost our cohesion and consistency. We will have to be more attentive in the return match, we need our fans by our side and we will have to stay focused. We will have to be far better than tonight.”

Does Olympiacos have the upper hand?

“Indeed, the result tonight was the best possible. It’s not a minor thing to get an away win; I repeat, however, that we still have 90 minutes to play and we will have to be very attentive”.

Words by Giorgos Masouras on novasports:

“I am glad to have scored the goal, but what matters is our team’s victory. We will have to stay focused in the return match because nothing is over yet.

In all our matches, we are the team that keeps control. However, we must pay attention to details. One mistake might cost us. Fortunately enough, it didn’t tonight, but we must be more careful in the future if we are to go even farther. Sa’s save was amazing in the end. We were lucky in this match, but we must be careful not to show the same weaknesses in the 2nd leg”.

On the goal he scored:

“We have done our homework on our opponent’s weak points. I followed the play, Mathieu’s crossing was superb and I netted it. We must focus on such plays in order to score similar “easy” goals”.

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