O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Press Conference of Pedro Martins and Masouras

Press Conference of Pedro Martins and Masouras

Read below words of Pedro Martins and Giorgos Masouras in our side’s pre-match Press Conference against Basaksehir.

Words by Pedro Martins:

You side won the first leg Constantinople and you are now playing at home. Do these make your club the favorite to qualify?

No. They just mean we got the lead in the first 90 minutes of this qualifying tie. We still have another 90 minutes to play. If there is one more asset we got, this is our fans support. The tie has not been determined yet; in no way should we underestimate our opponent because they have a quality squad. This is why we prepped ourselves for this match in the same way like we do for all fixtures. We will have to be serious about and concentrated on tomorrow’s match because nothing has been won yet. We must not make it easy to our opponents and so we will have to stay focused for the entire 90 minutes”.

In terms of tactics, how different should Olympiacos in relation also to the first match when the side faced some difficulties?

Talking about difficulties, rest assured we will have our share of them tomorrow since we are to play against a quality team; so it will be tough no matter what. What we have to improve is our performance in attack. As per our tactics, we gave a top-notch display in defense, certain individual mistakes aside. For certain, we will have to improve our attacking qualities. It will be a completely different match to the first leg. Should our opponent not create the same problems for us, they will create other ones. We will have to give a top-level tactical performance, reduce individual mistakes and stay serious and focused.

With 3 official fixtures played, the side had scored 5 goals and conceded none. What’s the aftertaste of this fact and will it be the main concept of your strategy tomorrow evening?

Winning is what satisfies me. Having said that, we want to win and deliver quality in our game; what is also satisfying in relation to last season’s opening matches is we are sharp in attack and our build-up. We always go for the win, for displaying quality. What we want is for our performance to be marked by the side’s philosophy and character. Our goal will always be to win…

Any news on Podence? What do you expect to be different about Basaksehir tomorrow compared to the first leg?

We expect, tomorrow, Basaksehir to play strong. The match will be a different one; they feature some really quality players who are accustomed at playing in an intimidating atmosphere. Tomorrow we play the second half. We expect our opponents to be strong and we expect ourselves to be even stronger. Nothing has been decided yet. I think that Basaksehir will not leave this opportunity go in vain and will make it tough for us.

Podence trained with caution and will play tomorrow. To complete my reply on Basaksehir, we all watched their friendly against AEK. We saw they had a strong outfit and, despite their suspended players, we all know they have some very strong players; there is also a missing piece, namely how these suspended players will be replaced.

In relation to the first leg in Constantinople, do you anticipate that it will be individual players or the Turkish squad as a whole to bring their side back to contention for something better?

We are still at the star of the season; it goes with saying that, week after week, teams will be improved on the pitch. We are fully aware of the fact they are familiar with playing away matches in hot atmosphere. There will be some reaction from them, that’s for sure. Their formation will be much more compact, their passing game more secure and, all in all, a side against which we can afford no mistakes. If we do, they will use them to their benefit.

Any other player in the injured list?

No, everybody is fit to play.

Words by Mr. Masouras:

It was almost the same period last year when Lazaros Christodoulopoulos was sitting there to be asked whether he could promise to score a goal against Luzern. Now, it’s your turn. Do you promise to score against Basaksehir tomorrow evening, like you did in Constantinople?

Personally, I want to give my 100% for the squad and this I can promise to do in tomorrow’s fixture. For the rest, I can promise nothing.

You have been with the team for quite a while now. How you handle all this psychological pressure by the “must do’s” of this match?

As you said, we athletes and especially those playing for Olympiacos are to cope with such pressure. For this match in particular, we are well prepared and there is nothing to be afraid of.

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