O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Words by Martins and Guerrero

Words by Martins and Guerrero

Words by Pedro Martins and Guerrero during the pre-match Press Conference against Crvena zvezda

Words by Olympiacos head coach Pedro Martins and Miguel Angel Guerrero ahead of our fixture against Crvena zvezda for MD2 of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Words by Pedro Martins
Whether this match, in good part, will be decisive of both club’s European campaign?
“No. In no way do I believe that. This is not a final. It is an important match, for sure; this stage of the competition is brief and won’t last a lot. It is an important match, but in no way is it decisive of what will happen in the group”.

Will you make any changes in the lineup or will you rely on the same starting XI?
“I don’t agree with you. I do not rely on eleven players and I do have the pleasure of enjoying a roster of many quality players. I disagree with you, since in the last match we fielded a completely different lineup; so, anyone may be capped“.

What about the Champions League matches?
“You will see tomorrow; I can’t tell you now”.

Whether, tactically speaking, the match against Crvena zvezda is closer to the one against Krasnodar or Basaksehir and quite different to the one against Tottenham:
“Tactics will be absolutely different compared to the matches against Krasnodar or Basaksehir since this is no knock-out match. We, then, had to opt for a different kind of match management. Now, we are piling up points and no team will disqualified tomorrow evening. We expect Crvena zvezda to show their personality and quality, and try to keep the ball”.

It seems that Crvena zvezda is under pressure. Just a few days ago, OLYMPIACOS played against a side, Panathinaikos, also under pressure. Do you think that match against Panathinaikos has been a teaching for OLYMPIACOS:
“I don’t think they’re under that much pressure – besides their derby, they’ve had good results. Professionals in teams like Crvena zvezda and Olympiacos are always under pressure; they are always chasing victories and this doesn’t change”.

How helpful will a win or a draw be for OLYMPIACOS and how bad will be a negative result?
“The scenario of a negative result doesn’t even cross my mind; we never set out for a match having such thoughts. We came here well prepared and with a positive mindset for this match; we want to perform with quality and a positive attitude if hardships occur during the match. No negative thought crosses my mind”.

Is there something about Crvena zvezda you have singled out? A player or something about their team? 
“We truly believe they have a compact team with quality. What tells a lot about them is that they are calm, solid and very patient, as we saw in their fixture against Bayern. They manage time very well. We also watched their match against Partizan. A domestic league match calls for a completely different approach to that of a Champions League one. What we have to do is be patient, retain ball possession and claim what we can”.

The clubs of Crvena zvezda and Olympiacos share brotherly ties. Will that have an impact on the tie? If it were important for Crvena zvezda to win here and for Olympiacos at home?
“I know very well the great ties between clubs and their fans. However, for me and my colleague, the aim is to produce a great match, honoring thus both Greek and Serbian football. Friends will be friends, but we are here to win and perform well”.

Words by Miguel Angel Guerrero
On his first impression of the stadium and whether the atmosphere in it will play a role?
“We know it is a great stadium and the atmosphere will be amazing. We are focused and well prepared to put on a beautiful display for the fans and, also, to leave with a positive result“.

For a striker, scoring goals is important. You scored one against Panathinaikos in the single chance given to you. Is it the same when you sacrifice for the team by also doing other things on the pitch?
“I certainly acknowledge how much important a striker is when it comes to scoring. But, generally speaking, this is a team sports and, as such, everybody must help the team, both in defense and in attack. Of course, if the chance is given to a teammate of mine to score, I will do it. Our job is to contribute to the team“.

Is it an extra incentive for you that, after their return to the Champions League, Crvena zvezda beat Liverpool and drew against Napoli, whereas they have only lost their match against Paris Saint Germain?
“We are well aware of the club’s history and pedigree. However, this is Olympiacos and we have had our share of great displays in Europe. We came here with a single target in mind: to put on a beautiful display and win. We know it won’t be easy because this is a quality opponent we are playing against. We have worked hard to win this fixture”.

Has your coach told you if you are to play tomorrow?
“We’ll find out about that tomorrow…”.

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