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Words by Martins and Camara

Words by Martins and Camara

Pedro Martins and Mady Camara held the pre-match Press Conference ahead of our side’s match against Tottenham

Pedro Martins and Mady Camara held the pre-match Press Conference ahead of our side’s match against Tottenham

Words by Mr Pedro Martins: 

You know Mourinho very well; you know how he used to play with his former clubs. Tomorrow, however, is a special day for him, since it’s his first home fixture at Tottenham’s bench. Do you know what he’ll do with his lineup? To what extent will the London fixture have an impact on Sunday’s match against PAOK?

“Truth be told, we had very little time to prepare this match, since we had a Saturday fixture, so did Tottenham. We had very little time for the players to recover and prepare. Indeed, we know Mourinho, but this is the 1st time to face him as Tottenham’s manager. We know very little about the things he could imbue the squad with. We prepared our team in that little time we had. Our Sunday’s match is completely different and it won’t affect us tomorrow. We expect our team to react following our last fixture’s negative outcome. We have worked hard to reach the group stage and play against top teams. We will struggle to claim everything we can. We are to play against a tough opponent but we also expect to display some reaction as we do when things get tough. We are here to fight for our objectives. 4 months ago, if one was to be told that Olympiacos would be here battling against such teams and still be top of the table at home, he would have been very happy. We shall keep on trying for our goals; we have worked hard to make it so far. We came here to make a brand new start tomorrow”.

This match comes after a poor result in the club’s domestic campaign. How tough does it make it ahead of tomorrow’s fixture? Do you see it as an opportunity and, in fact, an even bigger one due to the result in N. Smirni?

“Always, there is no better opportunity for one to respond than the following fixture; this opportunity is now given to us at the Champions League group stage. We are happy to be here, we have worked a lot and I am pretty sure you will see the reaction we talked about. We are still fighting for all objectives set, we represent Greece in Europe and we are top of the table in the championship. We have worked a lot. The team feels great both tactically and in terms of fitness. We have worked a lot and I believe in our squad’s potential. A negative result is painful and affects our state of mind. I am certain we will react well as we have done in the past. Our foundations are strong, we are well prepared and -even after a negative result- we can change our state of mind”.

Mourinho has won the Champions League with two different teams; does this make you feel less nervous about the final result?

“We are here to represent Olympiacos. We know are playing against a tough team. With all due respect, it’s Olympiacos facing Tottenham and Tottenham facing Olympiacos. Mourinho is a top coach, but nothing intimidates us”.

We would like your comment the team’s two-faced performance?
“I talked about the championship. At home, we have great potential and, in away matches, we lack discipline to be done with the match. That’s something we have analyzed before and there is no need to do it again. We suffered 2 defeats in Champions League, we did what he had done and we have proven our skills”.

Words by Mady Camara: 

What are the players’ spirits ahead of the fixture against Tottenham following the poor result in Nea Smirni?

“The result of that match belongs to the past for sure; we are here to win the match and earn the points”.

Does it affect you that Tottenham has just changed their coach in relation to the first match?

“We do not think of their coach replacement, but of our team only. We came here fully concentrated on the match; we are here to earn the points”.

You already said twice that you came here to win. What are the qualities Olympiacos will have to display in order to leave London with a positive result?

“Our coach is here to explain that. We came here with the same mindset, namely is to play hard and do everything we can to leave with a positive result”.

It is also the players’ job, won’t you say? Have you discussed amongst you how the team plays in away matches? What do you think will have to change?

“What we should have is to always have a winning mindset, think positive and play to win”.

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