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Chori: “There are things happening that make the club bigger”

Chori: “There are things happening that make the club bigger”

Read below an interview with Chori Domínguez at Olympiacos.org

He celebrated four championships with Olympiacos’ jersey, wore the captain’s armband and became a slogan sung by our team’s fans. We’re talking about Chori Dominguez, who spoke to Olympiacos.org about the difficult moments we are experiencing due to the pandemic, about the beautiful moments he lived in the Legend, about the people of the club, about the successful recipe and, of course, about the support of Mr. Evangelos Marinakis and the fans.

The situation we’re living in is unprecedented. How are you experiencing it?
“I think we’re going through a very difficult situation that, as you rightly said, is unprecedented. However, we have to adapt and to try to overcome it the best way we can. We must show solidarity and take care of one another both in our families and worldwide. We and our children spend many hours at home. We go out only for the absolutely necessary shopping or to go to the pharmacy. Thank God, we’re fine here. On the other hand, I keep working as much as I can, obviously without traveling.”

How are things in Argentina during this period with the pandemic?
“The truth is that, in Argentina, the situation is going quite well in numbers. Nevertheless, there’s a concern that it could get worse because of the level of the economy and the living conditions in Argentina. People are very worried! Although we quickly took some measures and were faster than Europe, I think the situation can become difficult. Initially, there are a few cases but they’re likely to increase in the future. We hope that the situation doesn’t become too serious or, at least, it will be as easy as possible, that we can overcome it in the best possible way and that all this will end soon.”

Do you miss the moments and the life as a football player?
“I miss it to some extent, because I think there’s nothing better than playing. Our passion is playing football and nothing is like when I was a player. When I was playing, I experienced some emotions on the pitch. This was a unique feeling that only the players get to experience and to describe.”

What’s more difficult, being a footballer or a scout?
“They’re two completely different things. When you’re a player, you’re inside the team and you train daily. Every day I used to think about the way I could improve myself so as to keep improving my performance. This never stops. It’s a way of life. But I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult. What I can say is that obviously nothing compares to being a player.”

At the beginning of the season, you accompanied the team to Krasnodar and experienced another qualification with Olympiacos. Since then, Olympiacos has advanced a lot in Europe. Did you expect such a journey from the team?
“Yes, I happened to be in Athens and so I accompanied the team to Krasnodar, knowing, of course, that it isn’t my role. Yes, I travelled and accompanied them. It was a different experience, because I was no longer a player. We see that there are things happening that make the club bigger: keeping the same coach, players who, after a while together, get to know each other and keep gaining more confidence, calm and assurance for the moment of the match. So, the work becomes more and more organized and leads you to achieve important results.”

You spent four years as a player at Olympiacos, celebrating an equal number of league titles. What do you keep from those years in the team?
“From those four years, of course, I keep mainly the beautiful moments, for instance during the celebration of each title. I must also mention that I keep the daily life: the employees, the people who were very close to us… I don’t want to mention names because I don’t want to forget anyone, but for sure, the people around us who gave 100% so that the players were always at their best, and so that we didn’t lack anything. That’s what I remember most. I remember moments from the trips with my several teammates, because in four years I had many. I also remember, of course, the constant support of Mr. Marinakis, the important support of Gate 7 and, in general, of all the fans of Olympiacos.”

What’s the best and worst moment of your career?
“I think that during a career it’s difficult to single out things and situations. I would have to analyse it in detail, because in every career there are many beautiful and many bad moments. Moreover, I think that many times the bad moments are the ones that make you evolve and learn. Therefore, who knows how to differentiate the extent in which something is bad? Because when something is bad, it teaches you that there are things you need to change and things you need to learn, and to keep improving, Thank God, during my career, I had many beautiful moments. Football and God offered me many things for which I’m grateful, happy, joyful and proud of my career.”

Coming from an Argentine, the answer to this question is more valuable: Maradona or Messi?
“Personally, I don’t compare them nor choose one. I’ve seen Maradona and I’ve also seen Messi. I was happy and lucky to see them both play and I’m really proud that they are Argentines. I enjoy them, I enjoyed them both and I don’t compare them. I’m glad and happy that two of the best in football history are Argentines.”

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