O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins, Bouchalakis Post-match Presser

Martins, Bouchalakis Post-match Presser

Read below words by Pedro Martins and Andreas Bouchalakis during the Omonoia post-match press conference.

Quotes by Pedro Martins in detail:

We say you have already secured the club’s 20th participation in the Champions League group stage. Do you agree?

“No, and in no way should this be instilled in the players. Most likely, something of the sort was in the players’ mind in the first half. Omonoia deserves our respect and it is a hard-to-beat opponent. Things were not easy, the match was very demanding. We should have been mentally ready, but we failed to in the first 45’; yet, we did so the second half. We created chances and took control. We scored and both goals are important. We have to be particularly cautious if we want to qualify. Omonoia posed no serious threat to us, however they showed to be a tough team and we have to be serious about it if we are to run no risk. So, nothing of this sort should cross the players’ mind. In the second half, we took control of the match and earned the result we wanted”.

Olympiacos are not ready, but in such a critical match, they scored twice. How high will this team reach once ready?

“The teams shall be improved significantly. We have new players who have not yet become familiar with the atmosphere in the club. However, it is important to win these matches. It was an important result for us because we want to make it to group stage. But we will have to improve our performance more”.

In the match against Asteras, two subs changed the entire course of the match. In this one against Omonoia, it was again two subs that changed the team’s display. What does this show to you?

“The Asteras and the Omonoia match are different between them. In the first one, fatigue played its part because, for many players, this was their first match. We improved our display because we had players who were not yet adapted to our style of play. Against Omonoia, we did not play with the level of intensity we should and we had to change our formation and bring two attackers in to put pressure on them. Omonoia’s goalkeeper was one of the top performers in the match and everybody saw that. Then, we had players showing signs of fatigue. Both subs in both matches delivered but the matches themselves are in no way related. Our style was well prepared; we already knew the way to do it. But we needed more intensity and this was why we did the subs after the break..”

By some, not capping El-Arabi ws the year’s top surprise. How badly did he want that goal?

“Indeed, it is very important for attackers to score. This is their life, so does El-Arabi. 3we had no doubt that we would do it again. He missed this goal, so it happened”.

Do you reckon that, for Olympiacos this was something more than a good scoreline to qualify? Valbuena and El-Arabi’s self-confidence after losing a penalty shot and cances to score, or Sa being capped…

“Of course, these are good signs because all players need a boost of self-confidence. There is no single doubt in any of us that the team will improve and show a better face. We know and we recognize we are not at the point right now. However, we do have quality players and we know they possess both the personality and skills. So, as time goes by, they will drive the team higher in performance. We know they will be better. What we luck is to improve how we operate in attack. Our defensive play went well; they had difficulties in threatening us. What must primarily be improved is our offense“.

Quotes by Andreas Bouchalakis in detail:

“I have the impression that the final scoreline helps our mental state and the way to approach the second leg. We shall not underestimate the opponent, we will be equally serious. No matter the score, be it 2-0 or 0-0, we will go to Cyprus equally focused”.

On fatigue: “This has been a particular year; we did not rest a bit. We have been only 15-20 days with the new people; we are no robots, you know? We need time so the young lads understand my philosophy and the way our coach wants us to play. The important thing is our 3 wins in 3 matches played, including the Greek Cup final; so we will add more consistency in delivering good football in quite some time”.

On the match: In the first half, we had ball possession but put no pressure on the opponent. We knew that we had to pile up the pressure more since the first minute. Minute by minute, we did it. Then came a magnificent goal and in the end, thanks to impressive Youssef, we earned a clean victory “.

On himself: “I am more prepared now, after my first two years. The team has helped me, along with coach. The most important thing is for young lads to tune in and have a better year even compare to the previous. I do have some experience and through that, I want to help on many fields. I am proud of wearing the captain’s armband”.

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