O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Martins and Valbuena Presser

Martins and Valbuena Presser

Read below words of Pedro Martins and Mathieu Valbuena at the press conference ahead of our side’s encounter with Omonoia.

Quotes by Martins, in detail:

To what extent will the first leg’s result affect your plans for tomorrow?

“There is no way we will be complacent due to the first-leg’s result. We still have one match to play. We will play as always, as our character and style of play suggests. We shall play for the win, as we always do. We will not underestimate Omonoia because they are a side with potential”.

What else would you like to see from the side compared to the first match?

“I want to see the result, because this would mean we are through to the group stage. I also want to see some more character on the pitch. We have been through a rough month, just like others teams, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Wolves. The team needs to improve its fitness and rhythm. In our last match, certain things have been improved. We want to improve certain aspects and we certainly want a better result. I mentioned Manchester City because they are at a similar state with us; they played matches until late and kicked off this season with no pre-season training. I commented on that so you understand the serious issues clubs have to deal with due to this situation”.

Two of Omonoia players are not going to play; will this have an impact on them? What are, for you, the strengths of Omonoia?

“We do not know yet who these positively-tested players are”.

They are both starters in the midfield.

“Once we see their starting line-up, we will immediately know the qualities of their replacements. What concerns us is the fact that Omonoia, as a team, may play fast and be very dangerous. They also play at home and this will make them different compared to the first match”.

Quotes by Mathieu Valbuena, in detail:

What kind of gift do you expect from your teammates tomorrow?

“I expect nothing special. Indeed, it is my birthday, but what matters for me is to qualify to the group stage. This is what everybody wants in the club we want to play well and get ourselves in the Champions League group stage”.

What will be the determining factor of tomorrow’s fixture?

“We hold the key to the match; we have to do our job right, despite our first-leg win. As we have seen in the first match, Omonoia may become dangerous and we should not be complacent. They have a team that can create goal-scoring opportunities. We should allow our opponents to play their game”.

What memories do you have of your last visit in Cyprus to play against Omonoia? It was a match decided in the very last minute.

«I remember that day very well. It was a tough day for us a difficult qualification. I remember how lively the crowd was in that match; I do remember that match very well”.

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