O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5
Our players’ quotes

Our players’ quotes

Below follow quotes of Olympiacos stars following our side’s great victory over Milan at the BMO Field!


Our side’s first goal in the tournament has been scored by you. How do you feel?

“I am really with the fact that the squad seems to be going very well and ready to apply all the things taught to us by the coaching staff all this time. We show signs of a united team and that good times will follow!”

Is it important, given the pre-season stage you are in, to combine a good display with positive results? Is this hard to achieve?

“It is hard, that’s true. For us, it is quite early to play this kind of matches, since this is a significant tournament of tough encounters. We work a lot on our fitness and our legs may still be… too stiff for such matches. In any case, we try to display on the pitch what our coach requires from us and I believe that gradually we deliver more and more; I also think that we will keep on doing so”.

Olympiacos, by means of its victory tonight, showed that the squad is here not just to participate in the contest, but also to put on a great show!

“It is true that we like this tournament and helps us a lot in our pre-season training. It is good to play against such teams, it helps us a lot to deliver what Mr. Michel asks from us. This is what we try to do!”

The crowd loved you as this side’s No 10. Is this going to be your number this year?”

“Yes! No 10 is a number I like a lot and it will be my shirt’s one this year!”


Olympiacos had a good start in the ICC! What are the images you take out of this victory over Milan?

“It was a great match against a top club with a long history. We reacted very well and I think we showed that we owned the pitch. We are very happy to have registered such an emphatic win. Hard works continues!”

You scored a beautiful piece by means of a long-distance shot. What were your thoughts once you saw the ball in the back of Milan’s net?

“Once Kolovos passed me ball and saw I had plenty of space, I thought it twice and I did it. The ball went in and I am very happy I scored!”

Do you agree that results are important in pre-season for providing the team with self-confidence?

“Indeed, especially when we talk about a win against such a side! It certainly helps our morale! However, it still remains a friendly match. We want to be able and deliver what our coach wants via training. We have to be ready by August when the championship starts. Friendlies are not here to stay”.


We usually say that results are not what matters mostly during pre-season, however they sometimes are important because they give courage to keep on working hard. Do you agree?

“Definitely, the result against Milan fills us with self-confidence. I believe we played really well and applied all the things we work on in training. I think that was evident in the pitch. We were well placed on the pitch, we played just like our coach wants and that’s how this result was produced”.

The side seems to have worked well and quite compact for such an important friendly. How much confidence does this give you?

“It means that our efforts are rewarded. We are really focused in training and we want to deliver that during the match”.

What does it mean personally to score in such a significant tournament against a top club, like Milan?

“O really wanted that to happen. My job is to score goals and I am glad I did it!”

A message for the fans back in Greece who watched the match in TV?

“More will come! Every time, we want to give 100% of ourselves and win!”

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