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Quotes ahead the match against Manchester City

Quotes ahead the match against Manchester City

Read below quotes by Mr. Michel and our player ahead of the fixture against Manchester City.


– On whether this match against Manchester City is going to be the toughest of all in the tournament for Olympiacos:

“No, it is just another demanding match. We are making our plans for it as we did against Milan and Liverpool. We want to learn more and the best way to do so is to try and play our game and get the win”.

– A comment on the good display by our side and the fact that this is shown across the globe:

“This is something we want to show, namely that the side is continuously improving. We are a particularly recognizable outfit and we are doing very well”.

– On whether he is troubled by the fact that 4 players had to stay in New York and David Fuster’s injury?

“No, this is a consequence of lots of travelling, fatigue and consecutive training sessions. We already knew that, that’s why he have at least 28 players at our disposal. David’s injury is minor and as the saying goes in Spain “No llegó la sangre al río”, which literally translated means “(David’s) blood didn’t arrive at the river”.

– On the club’s new signing, Alberto Botia:

“He is a strong and talented player and a good defender. He is good in the air, he is good with the ball; he is also fast, maybe not as fast as Manolas, but quite fast himself too. He is a player who will help us in all defense positions. It is better to be covered, since quite often someone gets sidelined, there are lots of rumors about Manolas over the past months, so we better be prepared”.

– On the possibility of new signings:

“Until the transfer windows is closed, anything may happen and in Olympiacos we already have last year’s experiences. Everything may happen”.

Alejandro Dominguez

– On whether this match against Manchester City is going to be the toughest of all in the tournament for Olympiacos:

“For us, all fixtures are difficult and we deal with them in the same serious way. We know that tomorrow’s match will be a nice one, yet tough, that will help in our pre-season’s next leg and we will have to perform at a high level”.

– On the importance of participating and performing well in such a prestigious tournament, promoted all over the world:

“Yes, I think we display well. The idea is to get our preparation going ahead of this season’s campaigns, however keeping always in mind that we represent a great club. It is important that during our preparation we get to play against top clubs and I think that up to now we display well. I hope we will continue improving”.

– On whether we are to expect an even better “Chori” this year:

“I always work in order to become better. However, one never knows what may happen in football, but the idea is to keep getting better; I wish that, with God’s help, I will be even better than last year”.

Omar Elabdellaoui

– On whether this match against Manchester City is going to be the toughest of all in the tournament for Olympiacos:

“It is very special for me that I will get to see some good friends I have there since my tie in the club, and I believe that they are the best side in the tournament. They have many great players, so I think it will be a strong test for our side”.

– On the good words said by John Guidetti for him and their friendship:

“John is a great individual. He is one of my best friends and also a fantastic player of outmost quality. It will be really fan since I am a defender and he is a forward player, so it will be special and joyful thing for me”.

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