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Quotes by the stars

Quotes by the stars

Read the quotes of Michel and David Fuster to OlympiacosTV following the friendly match against Fenerbahçe.


On the completed preparation: “The preparation went well. We did the work we wanted to do and we are prepared for the beginning of the championship next week.”

On whether he is satisfied with what he saw: “In general, I have a good impression from this preparation stage. The worst thing we did today is what we usually do best in our game, namely to have possession the ball. We did not do this today, but my overall impression from the preparation is good.”

On whether he has decided on the team’s formation for the match against Niki Volos: “The general idea for this first match will be related to what we have done so far. There will be no major changes. We may change some players, but the system and the idea will remain the same.”

David Fuster:

“I would have definitely liked for this match to have ended differently, but this was an extra day of work, an extra day of preparation with my teammates, in order to know each other better, and I believe that we will be ready for the championship.”

On whether he feels that both he and Olympiacos have improved following the conclusion of the preparation stage:
“I believe that we had a good preparation. New players have come and we have formed a really uniform squad. We needed some time to get to know each other and we gradually do this, and we will be ready for the championship because I feel that in general our preparation was really positive.”

On which areas there is room for improvement for the team, in his opinion:
“We will see the improvement in the matches, but in general it is everyday work in the training sessions that counts towards your effort to improve. We will have the championship matches and when we will gradually reach the important Champions League matches, I believe we will keep improving. We will try to improve as much as possible through our everyday work in training sessions.”

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