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Olympiacos ​ F.C.​ attends the UN General Assembly!

Olympiacos ​ F.C.​ attends the UN General Assembly!

The works of the United Nations and UNICEF concluded successfully in New York.

Olympiacos was ​invited​ by the United Nations and UNICEF to attend the works for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Yesterday, Thursday, the events scheduled in New York concluded successfully. The enthusiasm with which the representatives of our club were greeted by delegations throughout the world that participated in the works was remarkable, as well as the love Mr.​ Karembeu was greeted with by all present who knew who he is and what he has achieved during his grand football career.

The works started early in the morning with Mr Karembeu participating in the morning’s high-level meeting organised by UNICEF, representing our Olympiacos and the President Mr Vangelis Marinakis. This particular meeting was attended by 20 representatives from all parts of the world in order to exchange opinions and proposals on UNICEF’s future actions on how to remedy the problems still ailing many children throughout the world.​

In the discussion, which was chaired by Mr​.​ Anthony Lake (UNICEF’s Executive Director) and Nobel prize-winning economist ​Professor​ Joseph Stiglitz, Mr​.​ Karembeu, who represented the sole sports club called in the meeting, spoke about the collaboration between our Olympiacos and UNICEF and the influence football and sports in general can have to the well-being of children in need of our assistance.

This is a characteristic excerpt from his intervention​: “In Olympiacos we believe that sports and football can have a significant role in the effort made by UNICEF so that all children of the world can have equal rights and opportunities. Football is able to bring together and unite people from different backgrounds and cultures and cultivate a dynamic that can truly make a difference in children’s lives.

We need to take courageous decisions, be innovative, but most of all we must fulfil our moral obligation to children that we will never stop fighting until every last one of them has the rights and the opportunities they deserve! No child must be left alone! The dreams and hopes of all children for a better future free of discriminations must never be betrayed. From our side, we assure you that Olympiacos is passionately​ by your side and by UNICEF’s mission!”

Next, in the majestic hall of the UN General Assembly, for the first time ever worldwide, Mr.​ Karembeu and Mrs Georganti attended the presentation of the new UNICEF campaign “IMAGINE” aiming at finding new resources for its projects through a new digital application based on the renowned song by John Lennon “Imagine”. The presentation was attended by diplomats, well-known actors, singers and music producers from all over the world!

After this, our club’s representatives attended the UN General Assembly, chaired by its President Mr.​ Sam Kutesa, in which diplomats and representatives from various countries and committees sent their own message for the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This was a 2-hour Assembly and the conclusions drawn were extremely interesting as regards the future and evolution of the rights of children that still face many problems and challenges in many areas of the planet.

Mr. Karembeu and Mrs Georganti were also able to actively attend the official presentation of the “Innovation for Equity, Innovation for Children” campaign organised by the United Nations and UNICEF, which was attended by organisations, private individuals and children that have managed to make a difference in their country of origin! Olympiacos, who was greeted with great enthusiasm by all participants, represented football and sports, reminding everyone the club’s collaboration with UNICEF and its mission to immunise 50,000 children in Greece and abroad!

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