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O L Y M P I A C O S   1 9 2 5

E. Marinakis: “We will stand by you, for Greece”

Rewarding time for our National Men’s Polo Team by the President of Olympiacos Mr. Evangelos Marinakis.

On Sunday 7/11, Mr. Marinakis delivered a cheque to our National Men’s Polo Team for winning the Tokyo Olympics silver medal.

In his talk to the players and team coach Thodoris Vlachos, Mr. Marinakis said:

“Congratulations for your great achievement for our country. Your thought at that time was that our country was being tested by wildfires and, as you said, half the money has already been given to people hit by the wildfires. Do continue like that. Do it firstly for the national team and our club; I believe we also have done our part for the country, along with you and the coach.

Sentimentally, I feel really close to water polo. In the 1970s, my father also started as the Olympiacos water polo team manager. I remember being a boy and going to swim, and also attending matches at the pool; therefore, I got emotionally attached to the polo team. Once again, I want to congratulate you. Go on like this and we will be next to you. It doesn’t matter if you play for another club, what I see is what we all offer to our country.

Of course, Olympiacos is the best team; we cannot hide that. We want the best, we want to go forward in Europe and do the most we can. This is the way to make our fans happy and make sure that our money is well spent. Thank you very much, stay strong and healthy!”.

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